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Testimonials and Promise

Proud member and trainer of the elite “”  A small, elite group who achieve unusual results in SEO by secretly working outside the usual rules.

For this reason, I would never mention any information about my clients websites as far as who, what, when, or how. I do sometimes use black-hat seo tools such as ” xrumer” and “D11” and a few other small tools as well.

I will never ask you for any of your website passwords or any of your analytic’s or online accounts. All of my work is done from the search engines, by forcing them to not only find your site, but to rank yours higher than your competitors.

I use not one, but a suite of “cutting edge”, constantly refined tools unavailable to the public at any price. I don’t have competition per se, but if you were to purchase comparable seo sevices (but in most cases far less effective) services they would cost over $1,000 per month.

Here’s a brief description of some of my tools.

  • Xrumer – A super secret and effective backlink builder. You will immediately have the ability to give the search engines exactly what they want (garnering a high Quality Score) while showing visitors to your site a craftily designed sales page –
    YES – It can fool Big G
    YES – It can handle manual reviews
    YES – It works with organic traffic, PPC, PPV allowing YOU total control of what your traffic sees.
  • Scrapebox – A super secret and effective backlink builder as well. But this tool has the ability to separate the real links, from the soon to be links, and the rejected links. This is the step most seo’ers fail. They submit links to the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing) that are not really links. And the big 3 will ban your website for doing this.



I also promise to never work for two clients desiring the same keywords. By just turning away the second client away.

Proud member and VP of training of  “Toastmasters International”

Dale knows that internet marketing mixed with social accounts is the way of the future therefore mastering and applying the internet marketing principles is all that it takes to gain true success. see full bio at


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Contact Me (Dale) for more Info for your SEO services 717-603-3978 No contracts.