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Dale Dupree Brown, President CEO of Why Do Businesses call Is it because his company has helped business owners to quadruple their profits? Is it because he has taken companies with sales in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and moved them into multiple millions? Is it because he creates profitable marketing streams and systems in a down economy? Or, is it because he helps business owners to create a quality of life for themselves and their families that they never thought possible?

A business owner craves a certain quality of life that drives him to do extraordinary things in his or her business to achieve them. That quality of life is a reward for the days, months and years of sacrifice they invested in developing themselves and their companies. Regular profits and consistent cash flow are the building blocks for that reward.

Economics threatens that quality of life, as business owners must work longer and harder to get that same profit. Businesses and consumers do not spend as easily on the things that they used to, and so profits are harder to come by.

Business Owners who are looking to traditional markets can continue to expect these traditional and shrinking results, for them the economy will force many of them off the playing field. But some will expand their market into related but more profitable areas and use the same forces for their business that are working against the businesses of others. This is not easy to do.

As a consultant, Dale is uniquely gifted and positioned to provide value to consulting clients through his innovative use and knowledge of business and profitability SEO systems. He has developed and is perpetually developing a track record of successes of creating revenue opportunities for his own companies as well as those who contract with him.

He has developed his reputation in the industry with his coaching clients without taking a “cookie cutter”, textbook approach to a given situation. He is not limited to a template based solution model based on labels such as “internet marketing” or “permission marketing”. Using the skills that he developed as a Junior Executive at Highmark, he quickly studies markets to assess where the opportunities for growth and profit are focusing the attention on attaining profits as soon as possible.

Dale is able to use his academic and corporate recognizing these opportunities is the cornerstone of what Dale and DGA does for clients. By training to quickly implement the right systems. As an HACC Alumni, he was thoroughly trained in how to use information systems to exploit the best that a company can offer. In other words, every client’s internal strengths and weaknesses can be used to generate cash flow if they have the right kind of system in place. Dale Dupree works with his clients to attain leverage to do that. Leveraging systems are not enough.

When you need solid leadership, which Dale has embedded in its core as a cutting edge consulting firm. As the company’s driving force, Dwayne developed his awareness from a leadership perspective early on in his career as the CEO of a non-profit foundation in his local area. He uses this leadership foundation, which he has been building on for over ten years to maximize opportunities for DGA clients.
All of these things are fundational to the superior results that Dale brings to his clients.

Dale Dupree’s affiliate marketing best Solutions.

Dale Dupree Brown founder of and author of one of the most downloaded free ebook in the past few months “The Secret of SEO Dominate Superiority” in 2012 it was written to promote and provide a simple step by step approach to seo. It includes today’s best approach to link indexing, simple approach to link wheels,on and off page seo, and much more. provides huge assistance
to those using affiliate marketing platforms, such as Sitesell, Affiloblueprint, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, Chris Farrell Membership, Internet Marketing Apprentice, Super Affiliates Inner Circle Club, Unselfish Marketer Vault Membership, Maximum Success University,and a few ofhers. By offering short cut and fast track methods into these programs users have found their income grow in abundance.

In 2012, Dale founded SEO Small Business Marketing levels the playing field for smaller company’s and entrepreneur’s websites to get their
share of ranking and front pages on google.

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Specialties: affiliate marketing platforms such as Sitesell, Affiloblueprint, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, Chris Farrell Membership, Internet Marketing Apprentice, Super Affiliates Inner Circle Club, Unselfish Marketer Vault Membership, Maximum Success University
What we do if you hire us:

Simply, what we do for ourselves.
We find the balanced marketing approach that gets your website the most from Google in 2014, without getting you penalized in 2015.

We focus on building reputation and keyword relevance satisfaction – which is the KEY to successful search engine optimization in 2014.

Basically – that means making you the highest quality, most relevant option for Google when it comes to ranking pages for it’s search engine service.
We focus on improving the performance of your website, improving the relevance of your website content, the accessibility of it’s information, and the reputation of your backlink profile, to help you get more visitors from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Over the course of a managed project, all our contract (per month) search engine optimization packages typically include:

- Detection of Google penalties (including Penguin and Panda)
– Manual review, investigation & detection of “unnatural links”
– Investigation & detection of “negative seo” attacks
– Disavow of toxic or unnatural links (costed separately if large backlink profile)
– Help and management of Google Reconsideration Request process
– Removal of toxic links (costed separately IF required)
– Technical seo audit of your website
– Technical seo audit of the most important pages on your site
– In-depth keyword research for your niche, services and products
– Competitor research
– Competitor spam detection
– Quality back-link identification in the niche & advice on how to build quality backlinks
– Site-wide review of your website from a Google perspective
– Advice on how to proceed to avoid future Google ranking issues
– Advice on content marketing and other link building activities