Central Pa SEO

Central Pa SEO is quite different than any other seo anywhere else. From Perry, Dauphin, Lancaster, Cumberland, Lebanon, and York County, most business owners and entrepreneurs from these places would much rather deal with someone the know, like trust and are close by physically.

This seems just the opposite of the norm in doing business elsewhere. Most people that are looking to hire a SEO Professional online, will search world-wide and more than likely not hire someone from anywhere nearby. More than likely not even from the same country.

This put alot of pressure of locl SEO Professionals in the central Pa
area, because most of the central pa SEO’ers tend to only do it here in the local counties. With customers within 30 minute driving range from their company.

In the seo world this is what we call “Local seo”, aka “Low hanging fruit”.

Local seo hardly ever takes no more than 4-6 weeks to place a website on the first page of Google. Due to the simple fact that noone hardly ever in your local area has a website that is optimised to meet Google standards for the front page.

Example if you were to go to Google and search for “Avon in Harrisburg” or “plumber in York” or “Doctor in Lancaster” none of those searches has any pages on the front page that are optimised for google. What this means is that google is looking for webpages and ideas in these search terms.

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs that have websites, never had their website submitted to the search engines. In other words Google has no idea their website even exist, therefore they are not included in the searches.

When it comes a time to hire a SEO consultant do the following;

1) look for proof, don’t ask for his friends list, aka references. Ask for his/her clients website address, and check for yourself and see if that clients website is on the correct front page of google or not.

correct front page meaning that, if they are selling “seafood in camphill” make sure they are on page one for that term. If thet are on page one for “selling goldfish in Canada” that is poor seo.

2) Look for someone that speciallizes in seo only, not someone that does web design, web devolpment, and SEO. These companies tend to never be any good at SEO. They tend to have web designers on staff that do not know any of the latest seo trends in our industry.

3) Ask for a time frame. If they say anything over 3 to 4 months, you must say no-way. Most local seo your website will be competing with only a few small fish. And to get your website up to google standards for local should take no more than 3 – 6 weeks.

4) Do not go for them showing you a list of all the work that is being done on your behalf. Remember you are only paying for first page ranking, and not for a list of all of your links they placed out on the internet on your behalf.

Central Pa SEO